Free Energy Audits for Community Buildings in Sunderland

The WEA North East Green Branch, in partnership with Sustainable Sunderland, have raised funds from the CoRE fund for three energy audits of community buildings in the City of Sunderland.


What is an energy audit?

The audits are worth £450 each and are carried out by skilled building and heating engineers from Green Community Buildings. The engineer will do a detailed walk round of your community building, in the company of a member of the committee. This will take up to 2 hours. The engineer will look at all the ways the building loses heat energy, how it can be made warmer and cost less to run, as well as looking at lights and appliances. They will then look at whether any renewable technologies could be used in the building to save money in the long run. A detailed report is then produced which can help in funding applications for future building improvements.


Can my community building apply for a free audit?

If your community building committee can answer yes to the following statements then you can apply.

  • At least one committee member must be able to attend the walk round with the engineer, to provide information to them as needed and learn from them.
  • Previous energy bills must be made available to the engineer.
  • The building must be located in the City of Sunderland.
  • The community building committee agrees to share information they have learned with other community buildings.
  • The committee agree to talk to Green Community Buildings a year after the audit.

We expect there will be more applications than audits. To decide who gets an audit we will be looking for 1) The impact saving money and making your building warmer will have on current users, future users and the long term viability of your hall 2) Have you already started trying to save energy and make your hall warmer? (these can be small steps!)

To apply click the link to survey monkey and fill in the questionnaire.

Any queries contact

You do not have to complete the on line questionnaire all at once but can edit it as often as you need. (You will need to open it from the same computer for it to recognise you.)

Deadline for applications 4.30pm Tues. 29th November . Applicants will hear from us in January. Audits will be done by the end of Feb 2017.

The core legacy fund is supported by income received by Berwick Community Trust from the wind turbine north of Berwick.