Family Learning can be lots of FUN!

Research has shown that being outside in natural places is good for childrens’ wellbeing, making them happier, helping with issues such as hyperactivity and improving learning. It is also good for adults!nature trailpic

However, many parents don’t spend time with their children in nature. This may be because they don’t have the knowledge or confidence.

This Green Branch nature trail has been designed so community groups can run the trail at their own centres and events a. It has four simple activities for adults to do with children; listening to the sounds around them, bark rubbing, tree leaf identification and observing nature. All things that they can then do with their children in other places.

It was designed to be done in Leazes Park at Newcastle Community Green Festival. However, it can very simply be adapted for other parks or gardens. (The tree leaf id guide may need to be changed depending on what trees there are in your park).

For more detail on how to run the trail read our evaluation document.Evaluation of WEA Green Branch Nature Trail

Click here to download the trail and leaf guide. (to be uploaded)

If you want any further advice or support on how to run the trail at your event or please get in touch.

Other resources

The woodland trust have a very good set of free worksheets for nature activities that parents and children of all ages can do.

Opal also produce some good activity sheets for home, nursery or school.


Sometimes people don’t realise why being outside and spending time in nature is important, for both children and adults. These two reports explain why.

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