A WEA Project you may not have heard of is ‘The Walker Social Enterprise Project’. A collaboration between the WEA, Northumbria University, and Building Futures East, the project included volunteers and students interviewing established social enterprises across the region. Using these unique and personal insights, learning materials have been made about ‘How to set up a Social Enterprise?’ The project got people thinking what would make a difference in their community, and how they could create an enterprise which is self-sustaining and will empower their local economy.

The project is organising a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style competition in July as part of the hugely successful ‘Walker Soup’ initiative https://www.facebook.com/walkersoup/ where there will be a prize of enterprise start-up money for grabs! Keep an ear to the ground to hear about our next steps or contact amccreadie@wea.org.uk if you’d like to know more.

The Green Branch supported this project as part of ‘Being Green’ is about keeping money in the local community, supporting jobs and the production of local goods. As well as meaning that we know what out money is used for, it means that transport distances are reduced both for accessing services and the goods we buy, and that we can hold businesses more easily to account for their labour and environmental standards. To understand more about how money flows through and out of a community see our newest course- Recycling money in the community.